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About Vantage House

The expertise available through Vantage House can be traced back to the early part of the last century. The Mot family in Belgium had a traditional bakery, patisserie and Chocolaterie near Brussels in the early 1900’s. More than 20 people worked together as highly skilled artisans producing hand-made ice-creams, pastries and chocolates. The youngest daughter, Julia, married Tom Avison (an English soldier, stationed in Belgium during the occupation) and they were to come to England in 1953 and open their first Belgian Chocolate Shop in this country.

In the mid-seventies, Tom and Julia’s son, Malcolm joined the business and later opened a factory to supply wholesale in addition to their own shops. Malcolm having spent much of his childhood watching his parents and uncles work at the marble tables, both in England and Belgium.

Malcolm, having obtained his Mechanical Engineering BSc from Surrey University in 1976, combined this with his chocolate making skills to automate the chocolate production steadily over the next ten years. By the time their company, La Roche, was sold to Barker & Dobson in 1986, they supplied over 100 shops, the House of Lords, department stores and supermarkets such as Sainsbury, Waitrose & House of Fraser with own brand selection counters.

As a condition of the sale Malcolm then became production manager of Charbonnel et Walker (suppliers to the Queen) before forming Vantage House in 1988.

Vantage House set out to utilise the unique combination of engineering training & confectionery skills already acquired and to build a network of agencies representing the very best of equipment for the confectionery industry. An early project involved responsibility for the complete chocolate manufacturing sections of new factories in Oman & Trinidad.

Over the years the range has expanded to include machinery, moulds and equipment from not only Belgium but also Germany, Denmark, Italy and the USA,

Vantage House understand the machines both as engineers and from a production viewpoint. Having grown an own operation from a small shop to a factory production they also have a broad and thorough experience of the commercial demands of the industry – from both the factory production and the consumer’s viewpoint.

Vantage House also supply the widest range of top class ingredients from the largest independent UK distributor.

About ChocoVision

The ChocoVision Corporation is an American company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of innovative chocolate processing equipment. They have positioned themselves as trendsetters in the chocolate industry with the use of modern microprocessor technology in their Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines.

A commitment to the highest quality standards for the manufacturing process, as well as customer service, further distinguishes them from the competition. ChocoVision consider troubleshooting and overall customer support as crucial as creating groundbreaking machinery.

ChocoVision’s corporate offices are located in historic Poughkeepsie, New York, surrounded by scenic hills and the Hudson River — an hour and a half north of New York City, and minutes from the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park.

The Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines provides users with simple means to what is essentially a highly sophisticated process, the tempering of chocolate.

ChocoVision clients range worldwide in the Chocolate, Candy, Confectionery, and Bakery industries. ChocoVision serves the daily needs of domestic end-users, commercial customers, and large industrial corporations.

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