Machine Hire

Try before you buy

Sometimes the cost of buying a machine can be worrying, particularly if you are not sure how much you will use it, how much time will be saved or what improvements to quality are to be had. We have the perfect solution, whether you are looking to use an automatic tempering machine for the first time or in need of a larger machine for a short period then why not rent one from us? Vantage House now offer a rental agreement for Chocovision machines with an option to purchase at a discount afterwards. *If you buy the machine with in the first week of hire 100% of the hire will be credited against the purchase price. Effectively “Try before you buy for free”.If you purchase the machine after the first week 50% of the rental cost is credited against the price! Please see the table below for rental rates.
Free delivery (mainland UK) is included in the rental cost, All prices and charges are subject to VAT Return of the rental machine to Vantage House (cleaned and packed as supplied) is the responsibility of the hirer. Optionally Vantage House can arrange for the machine to be collected from you at a cost of £25 for the Revolation 2 or a Revolation V or £28 for the Revolation Delta. All prices and charges are subject to VAT.