Revolation 3Z – 20kg Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine – (240v) SPECIAL OFFER – extra free ‘holey’ baffle

  • Extended Tempering Mode
  • Stores up to 26 Chocolate Recipes
  • Easy-to-Read 20×4 Character Display
  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air
  • 13.5 kg capacity (20kg using holey baffle)
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 49°C during the Melt Cycle, 38°C  in Temper Mode)
  • Overnight (standby) Mode
  • Removable bowl and baffle
  • LED temperature display
  • Bowl Pause
  • 12 months Parts & Labour Warranty
  • 597mm W x 584mm D x 216mm H


The Revolation 3Z is ChocoVision’s largest and most sophisticated breakthrough for tempering chocolate, created to the specifications of the world’s most demanding pastry chefs and confectioners. It features all the capabilities of our Revolation Delta, with an advanced software system and display. The Revolation 3Z melts and tempers a minimum of 6kg and a maximum of 13.5 (20kg with holey baffle) of chocolate and can hold temper for over 15 hours. The Revolation 3Z is ideal for larger artisan chocolate makers, whether at home or in a workshop environment.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 597mm W x 584mm D x 216mm H


  • 1 bowl
  • 1 solid baffle
  • Holey baffle
  • instruction manual
  • 1 dipping tool
  • 3 pack of scrapers
  • 1 baffle brush
  • Set of knobs
  • 1 cover

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