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Vantage House – For CHOCOVISION in the UK

Vantage House has been trading since 1988 prior to which our founder Malcolm Avison was running a full time production facility in Brighton supplying stores such as Waitrose, Army and Navy and even The Houses of Parliament. We represent a number of manufacturers and supply machinery (large and small), ingredients, small equipment and moulds to the chocolate, confectionery and bakery industries in the UK and Ireland.

We are based in Henfield, West Sussex and have recently added a development kitchen where we are able to demo the ChocoVision machines should this be a requirement for any of our customers.


The ChocoVision Corporation is an American company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of innovative chocolate processing equipment. They have positioned themselves as trendsetters in the chocolate industry with the use of modern microprocessor technology in their Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines.

A commitment to the highest quality standards for the manufacturing process, as well as customer service, further distinguishes them from the competition. ChocoVision consider troubleshooting and overall customer support as crucial as creating groundbreaking machinery.

ChocoVision’s corporate offices are located in historic Poughkeepsie, New York, surrounded by scenic hills and the Hudson River — an hour and a half north of New York City, and minutes from the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park.

The Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines provides users with simple means to what is essentially a highly sophisticated process, the tempering of chocolate.

ChocoVision clients range worldwide in the Chocolate, Candy, Confectionery, and Bakery industries. ChocoVision serves the daily needs of domestic end-users, commercial customers, and large industrial corporations.

Our Features

Little things make us best in town


Machines bought from a UK sales and Service equipped agent are supplied from the UK direct to the customer with all shipping and import duties fully paid. Machines come with a UK 12 months parts and labour warranty and can be repaired without the need to return the machine all the way back to America.


Now you can have all the taste and good nutrition of RAW chocolate with the shine and crack of the finest chocolate on the market with the range of ChocoVision tempering machines.


ChocoVision machines are ideal for the small and medium sized baker or cake decorator. Allowing the use of real tempered chocolate and the beautiful shine and snap you only get with tempered chocolate with minimal effort and without the need for expensive machines